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January 14, 2010

I have always been surprised that I have had more female clients than male. Such is the case with most of the Personal Trainers that I know.

Even when I worked in the commercial gyms. I found women far more receptive to getting help than men.

Whenever I approached a male member of the gym about training they would very quickly brush me off, and claim. “I know what I’m doing!” And then give me some story about how they used to do this or they used to do that.

Surrender = Strength

The women and men I worked with showed increased improvement. The men that did not want the help, for the most part stayed at the same level.

We could go on and on about male vs female ego. But suffice it to say that those that do not surrender themselves to experts in the fields in which they are learners have a difficult task at hand.

There isn’t a pro athlete, male or female who does not use a trainer. Most trainers I know workout with a partner. We all know the power behind having someone else push us past our own limits.

Trainers, what is your experience with this? Is it gender related?

Non-trainers, do you have a hard time asking for help? If you are using a trainer, do you see the difference in your results compared to when you didn’t use a trainer?

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