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No Pain, No Gain (Sport or Life)???

December 27, 2009

The average life (playing) span of an NFL player is barely 3 years. Oh sure you hear about the Jerry Rice’s or Brett Favre’s of the world who play into and past their 40’s but for every one of these players there are dozens behind them that are forced off the field by career and quite frankly life altering injuries.

Dave Pear was recently highlighted in an article on The article tells the tale of a man that after 5 years of playing in the NFL is left disabled and forgotten. This former, Pro Bowl defensive lineman who assisted the Oakland Raiders in winning a Super Bowl is now 56. He struggles with walking and suffers from vertigo and memory loss. Dave is unable to work and only after many lawsuits against the NFL he is now collecting only $40,000 per year for his disabilities. Not enough to support his family.

Dave is not alone. In Bill Romanowski’s  book ROMO, Bill includes an “Injury List” at the back. This list is 8 ½ pages long and includes 10 concussions in 15 years.

Not many sports are free from their dangers. Muhammad Ali the “Greatest” boxer of all time is now a shuffling shell of his former self.

The center that I work out of is also an Outpatient Orthopedic Rehab clinic. On any given day you can find High School kids being treated for a variety of injuries that have occurred on the playing field. These sports include baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and yes football.

Many questions can be asked. But when your son or daughter approach you and ask you about getting involved with their favorite sport. To what extent will drive them to choose the game of sport or the game of life?

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