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OH SH**……That Feels Good!!!!

August 30, 2009

Recent studies have concluded that the more aggressively you express yourself verbally while going through discomfort, the easier it is to withstand it.

During an experiment that was being held at Keele University in the U.K. by psychologist Richard Stephens, students held one hand in a bucket of ice water for as long as they could – a common test for pain tolerance. While their hands were in the water, they were told to say curse words. The most common words used were “f-ck” and “sh-t”. They then put the other hand in and used words such as “brown” and “square”.

Men were able to leave their hands in an average of 30% longer when swearing and women 44% longer.

Stephens notes that some experiments have linked pain tolerance and aggression. So if cursing increases aggression it may also alleviate hurt.

So next time you have one more interval to do on the track that you just can’t get through or one more rep to push out beyond fatigue. Let it all out!

On second thought you may want to look around first before you offend anyone close by.