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Muscle Recovery

December 20, 2009

People who are new to working out often ask why they can’t exercise the same muscles everyday. In brief this is what I tell them.

First off for a true workout to be successful you want to exercise to the point that your muscles are tired. Sometimes they’ll even hurt a little. When you fatigue your muscles in this way you are making them feel something that their not use to. (Physiologically you are breaking them down)

Since they haven’t felt this before, their reaction to this action is to ready itself in case it happens again. In effect their saying “Holy cow we better get ready before THAT happens again!”

Blood pours into the area that has just been exercised, tissues are being mended and your muscle is being repaired. But this time even tougher and stronger.

True muscle growth happens during this period of recovery. The process can take up to 24 – 36 hours immediately after you stop exercising.

If you are going to train the same body part two days in a row you are not giving the muscle its chance to repair and then truly change. You won’t be giving your muscle a chance to come out of fatigue.

Now keep in mind I never said that you shouldn’t exercise everyday. I’m just pointing out why you want to work on different aspects of your fitness each day.

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