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How Do You Train?

October 15, 2009

I train a lot of people. Some have events they are working towards. Some have very specific goals (weight loss, balance, specific body parts they want to improve).

Yet quite a few just want to be as well-conditioned as they can be.

When I first began to train others as an occupation the workouts were very “straight sets” based. This is how bodybuilders train. They do a set of a particular movement, rest, and then do another set of the same movement. We would repeat this process for each exercise and body part that we were working.

As I have evolved as a trainer I use circuit training as a rule. This especially suits my clients who are seeking out a higher level of conditioning.

A typical workout goes like this:

We will begin with an appropriate aerobic warm-up and then a stretching period to loosen up their body. And then it’s off to the races.

A session is about an hour and in that time I can work every major body part for multiple sets. We move from one exercise to another with little rest. I can do this by using opposing muscle groups or combining upper body to lower body.

An example of this would be to do a chest press into a lat pulldown right into a leg curl and then repeat. The client’s chest is resting while they are working on their back and then legs.

After a series like this I will typically put them on a cardio machine for 1 to 2 minutes at a moderate to high level. Their body isn’t getting any resistance placed on it but their hearts are working hard.

We then move on to the next series of resistance moves.

I’m often asked “what’s the rush?”

So what does this type of training do in a functional manner in the world outside of the gym?

All of my clients are driven, active people. Whether, this is at their job, their social life or as their lifestyle. What we are doing in the gym is conditioning their bodies for the stress that is placed upon it during their daily activities.

I work with grandparents who now have no problem keeping up with their grandchildren.

I work with heads of corporations who can lead by example. Because they can work circles around most of their younger executives due to their conditioning.

And I also train those who are at mid-life. They are looking ahead towards the rest of their lives and want to take their health and fitness into their own hands, before some disease that could have been prevented by exercise comes knocking on their door.

I would like you to ask yourself. How do I train? What am I training for? Do the two interconnect? Are you just spinning your wheels in the gym doing the same movements time after time?

Do you have any questions that you would like to ask me about what you are doing? Can I help you problem solve around a plateau?

As always I am at your service if you need any help. Just ask.

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