Does Higher Oil Prices = Better Fitness?

I’m about to end my first trip to a European country. The one thing that strikes me is the presence of the bicycle traffic. Now mind you I’m here in December, in Berlin. During this trip the temperatures have not risen out of the 30’s. Yet there are many people on their bikes pedaling away every day of the week. Bicycles seem to be much more prevalent here than in the U.S.

Gas prices have always been higher in Europe than what we’re used to paying. In fact it took gas prices to go to $4 in the U.S. for there to be a shift from the giant SUV’s to the Smart Cars and other more efficient vehicles that have been a part of Europe for a long time.

But would higher gas prices also turn our country towards the bicycle as well? Could this be the subtle fix we need to turn some of our normally pudgy, sedentary fellow Americans into…dare I say it Cardio King & Queens?

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