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H1N1 vs Obesity

November 29, 2009

With all the attention these days given to the H1N1 flu you would think that this is the only danger lurking out there. Yes, this flu can be horrible to go through and several million people are estimated to be infected by it.

In the United States experts estimate that 4,000 people have died from this virus and its complications. The number of deaths worldwide is 8000. Proper precautions should be made.

But let’s look at some other numbers. In the past month the American Institute for Cancer Research reported that 105,000 new cases of cancer are caused by obesity every year.

Side note: You are considered overweight if you are 15lbs over your recommended weight. And you are considered obese when you are 30+ lbs over.

Among the types of cancer linked to excess body fat:

  • Breast – 33,000 cases a year
  • Endometrial – 20,700 cases a year
  • Kidney – 13,900 cases
  • Colorectal – 13,200 cases
  • Pancreas – 11,900 cases
  • Esophagus – 5,800 cases
  • Gallbladder – 2,000

I need not tell you that these numbers reflect a much higher mortality rate than H1N1.

So yes, get your flu shot, wash your hands, teach your children to do the same so that they’re not assisting in the spread of this flu.

But let’s also start teaching them proper nutrition. And that running around outside instead of staring at their computers will also help begin a lifestyle which will prevent even more devastating outcomes.

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To Eat Or Not To Eat

November 26, 2009

Today is Thanksgiving. How will you spend it? Most of the people I spoke to this week told me of spending time with their families and sitting down to a traditional holiday meal.

When my clients ask me how they should eat in times like this I tell them that these days are the reasons that they are good all year. My usual answer is that if you’re strict all year with your nutrition goals then on times like vacations, birthdays (yours, not everyone you know) and holidays they can then let loose.

On the other hand if you want to lose weight but all you do is play at your goals while you watch the scale go up and down. Then what makes it alright to eat on “special” occasions?

So if you have done well, enjoy all the trimmings that are offered, of course within reason.

If this has been a year of challenged focus? Put the fork down and enjoy the social aspects of the day. There are plenty. The good news is that you have a few weeks to get right with your goals before the annual Christmas dinner.

And if not, then I’ll see you on January 1st as we discuss getting rid of those “holiday” pounds.

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Preparing for the FEAST

November 22, 2009

Turkey day has arrived! How are you going to approach this most hallowed days of dining?

Consider this –

  • If you’re going to someone else’s house eat something before you go. Protein is preferred. But don’t enter your host’s house hungry
  • Leading up to dinner drink plenty of water. Water has a way of filling you up and you won’t eat as much when you sit down. (if you have any control at all!)
  • Push aways!! After a few bites PUT YOUR FORK DOWN!!! Experts claim that it can take 7 to 10 minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that it is full. So put your fork down, sit back and chat for a couple of minutes before your next bite.

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Preparing For The Holidays

November 19, 2009

Well we’ve come to that time of year again. The HOLIDAYS!!

If you’re not careful this time of year can be stressful, overwhelming, full of distractions from your goals and an overall hair puller.

When it’s really supposed to be quite the opposite.

What has happened to us?

We will do anything to get the “right” parking spot.

We will over eat and use excuses like “it’s the holidays, that’s what I’m supposed to do”.

We’ll shop instead of getting in our regular workouts.

Then before you know it. This time of year will have passed and we’ll be committing to new goals for the New Year.

Honestly, I never understood what makes January 1st so special when setting goals.

Oh, I get that it’s the first of the year and it’s time to start anew. And after all from Thanksgiving to the end of December we seem to throw all sense out the window and act like we never had a plan for good health anyway.

So is it a sense of renewal that we look to this date or is it the guilt of our behavior that leads us to this time when we make our boldest of statements….”This year I’m gonna”.

So instead of waiting until January 1st

I DARE you to set a goal today!

In upcoming blogs I will give you ideas to avoid the usual stress, overeating and lack of exercise that seems to go hand in hand with this time of year.

I would also like to hear how you are doing during this time. Use this as a sounding board when the stress becomes just too “silly”.

Tell me and share with the others what you’re doing to avoid the same old “holiday blues”.

If you don’t want to do this on a public forum please feel free to e-mail me at

I’m here to help. I’m at your service whether you are a client or not. It’s what I do.

Let’s have fun this Holiday season!

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November 15, 2009

It was announced Thursday that Americans are entering their 70’s with disabilities in greater numbers than in previous generations.

Big surprise that goes along with this study which was authored by Teresa E. Seeman of UCLA, and was funded by the National Institute of Aging is that most of these disabilities are linked to being overweight or obese.

Among other things being overweight/obese can lead to stroke, heart attacks, joint replacements and the list goes on and on.

Modern medicine is such that we are surviving, with a disability, quite well post-op.

Which brings me to a whole different angle. If we are not taking care of ourselves as we should be. And “stuff” is beginning to happen to us medically that we will end up living with for a long period of time.

Then aren’t an awful lot of us going to be walking around with what health insurance companies can determine as “pre-existing conditions”.

In My Opinion – If anything comes out of the Health Care Reform Debate then it is that health insurance companies MUST make allowances for “pre-existing conditions”.

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I LOVE Push-Ups!!!

November 8, 2009

I love push-ups! Anyone that trains with me can tell you so. As soon as someone enters the Longevity Personal Training world my clients learn how to do them and also learn to expect them in their workouts.

Push-ups have become the measuring tool of upper body strength. They test the whole body. While doing a push-up you engage your arms, chest, abdomen, hips and legs. The act of lifting your own body weight can be taxing for even the very fit.

There are many ways that you can do push-ups in order to change their difficulty. Some of my seniors simply push off of a wall. Most of my clients do a standard push-up. And a few brave souls find themselves with their hands on top of a medicine ball and their toes on top of a Swiss Ball.

Push-ups can be done in almost any setting, whether you are in a gym or in a hotel room.

Many times when I have a day that I don’t have the time to get a full workout in, I can be seen dashing off to a corner of the gym to knock off another set of 25.

Push-ups give you NO reason not to do some type of strength training during your day.

I LOVE Push-Ups!

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