Trail vs Road??

The race began as we ran down the trail into the desert. Down into the washes and then back out, down and then back out. The washes were a mix of sand and rock they ranged from about 3 to 8 feet deep. This action repeated itself 3 or 4 times until the trail leveled out. Just as I get my bearings my ankle turns on a rock and I see ground in front of me there’s barely enough time to put my hands out to protect myself. As I’m falling I brush up against someone and then notice him falling beside me to my right. I look back quickly to see if I’m about to be stepped on by any of the other runners. The closest ones are about 6 feet away. No time to sit, up and keep running. I go by the fellow that I took down still lying there. I have to keep running.

A quick inventory check comes up with a bloodied thumb and scraped up leg. No big deal.

I love trail running. For that matter I really enjoy mountain biking over road for the same reason. Lack of predictability.

And although I find myself on the road more times than on the trail during my training, there is nothing like being in a natural environment away from cars and images of urban life.

Nature abounds. Whether I am riding my bike in the desert or trail running in a forest. The connection to nature is unquestionable. Along with that we then have to react to what it gives us.

When I run on the street I can depend on my foot strikes landing flat. When I run or bike on trails there is not much time for daydreaming. I must stay on task. Each next step may not land so evenly.

That’s the fun part. Not knowing.

So what about you? Where do you prefer to train? As long as you are active there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

Does life force you into the gym? Do you enjoy the camaraderie of weekly bike rides? Or would you rather the solitude of hiking alone on a mountain range?

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2 Responses to “Trail vs Road??”

  1. Marcia Reynolds Says:

    I like the mountains, but I prefer to be hiking with you. However, if I fall down you better help me up before you take off again.

  2. Evan Says:

    I also got to run in the trail race over the weekend and truly enjoyed engaging all most of my senses when I ran – I even glanced once up from the rocky trail and saw a deer crashing through the brush, off to the right. I am also guilty, along with a lot of the other people in the race, of wearing ear phones, “plugged” into my own preferred music, rather than listening to the huffing, puffing and occasional conversation around me. I wonder why we are tuningourselves out from the complete experience?

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