I Know EVERYTHING……Really???

As trainers we are looked at as the ones who have all the answers to your questions regarding health & fitness.

Well, here’s the bad news. Not really.

Although I have met many that will act like and tell you that they don’t have anymore to learn. I am very skeptical of anyone who has all the answers. Personally, I hope I never stop learning.

I was asked today by another trainer about metabolic rate, and how to measure metabolism. He was with one of his clients and they were wrestling with different ideas.

I threw in some ideas of my own including measuring the thyroid. But that turns out to not be exactly correct either. So I went home and started searching the web. (I’ll give you the answer in my next posting)

Point is. Beware of those who put on the façade of the “all knowing”. I have far more respect for those who are able to ask questions rather than give false answers.

We may be called “gurus” and “experts” and certainly a lot of us have higher educations and are well equipped to answer most of the questions that come our way. But every once in a while….

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