Eating Healthy At The Airport

This weekend I’m traveling to Asheville, NC. I work with quite a few people who travel extensively. Their common complaint is how hard it is to maintain a healthful diet while on the road.

When I arrived at the airport and made my way through security it was time to find something to eat. My flight is going to be 4 hours and I lacked the preparation to bring any food with me from home.

Along the concourse were the normal fast food stores, Cinnabon, Burger King, California Pizza Kitchen and Starbucks. What is a traveler to do? I was realizing what I had been hearing all along. Where is that needle in the haystack? Where can I find nutrition in a sea of junk?

Now I know as well as anyone that I’m not going to find much at most of these places that is not fat-laden. And I am a caffeine junkie. So I steered towards Starbucks.

I have sworn myself away from Starbucks over a year ago. It is too involved to discuss my reasons for this now. Just know that normally I will go out of my way to avoid walking into these establishments, unless they are the only alternative that I have.

Much to my pleasure and surprise along with the butter filled muffins that Starbucks offered were also bananas, fruit cups and vegetable trays. (By the way I checked, Cinnabon was not offering any of these).

I chose the vegetable tray and banana. The only thing I found alarming on their nutrition label was the sodium content. And this was included only if you used the dressing. No problem, I rarely dip.

So although you do have to search a little and have an understanding of how to read nutrition labels, these day’s travelers can find what they need without gaining 5 pounds by just entering the airport.

Now, I’ve got a little time left before my plane leaves, and that smell from Cinnabon is awfully alluring. Gotta Go!!!

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