I Am Not A Mouse!!!

The other day I was told by a client about a recent article released by the BBC that spoke about the effects of eating late at night.

This study was conducted at Northwestern University in Illinois. At first I was very intrigued by this. A HA! A study that shows what we trainers have been telling our clients for quite sometime, not to eat before going to bed!

And the information they gave, in fact showed that mice did gain weight when they were fed during a time that they normally would have been sleeping. This was compared to a group of mice that were fed the same amount during their normal waking hours.

What really struck me was that once again we were being compared to mice. How does this happen? At the end of the article they stated “At this stage, the results could still be interpreted as controversial when applied to humans”. Really?!?!

Couldn’t they have found a group of humans to have done this with? I understand when doing studies that you don’t want to subject humans to, that animals are used. But I have to believe that there would have been a willing group of students at this university that they could have used.

Seems to me like a waste of time and money. Northwestern, next time you want to do this study, why not go down to the local 24 hour donut shop and talk to the kids who are getting a quick bite in between cramming for finals.

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