Plastic Bottles – Safe or Not???

Please answer me this. Is any corner that I turn safe anymore? If we listen and believe to what our media tells us, danger lurks around every bend.

In the last several years a lot of attention has been brought to the alleged dangers of drinking water from certain plastic containers when exposed to heat. Supposedly they leach BPA (bisphenol-A) into the water and this has caused a lot of concern. BPA is a substance commonly used to harden plastic, it can also mimic estrogen when digested.

And although the FDA has not finished reviewing their findings and scientists are in disagreement as to the dangers of BPA, many stores have pulled these bottles from their shelves. In fact, in May Minnesota became the first state to approve the ban of the sale of baby bottles and sippy cups made with BPA. Connecticut followed soon after.

But we do have a savior in all of this. Maybe?….Thank the heavens for Sigg bottles!!!???

Sigg Switzerland brought to the market a bottle they claimed to be safe. They saw a need and they filled it. Suddenly these bottles are showing up everywhere. The eco/health/style conscious jumped on this product in mass. These bottles sold for $20 and were going to take away all of our troubles…….We thought.

It has just been announced that bottles made by the company before August 2008 had trace amounts of BPA in their liners. Not only that but Sigg officials were aware of this since June 2006 but did not announce this until last month.

Now I could go on and on about misinformation in the media. But instead I think I’ll just go out to my truck and pop open a bottle of my warm Arrowhead water.

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4 Responses to “Plastic Bottles – Safe or Not???”

  1. Evan Says:

    Isn’t it all about getting a life in balance? There are probably so many things in our environment that are toxic and we don’t even know about them. Through out history people imbibed out of materials we now know are toxic – pewter, tin, lead, etc. There are also substances/combinations of ingredients that are probably beneficial which we only find out about accidentally. Aspirin – a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory began as brewed willow bark in both Europe and by the Native peoples of the Americas to ease arthritic conditions. We also use this as both a treatment and preventative for blood clots. It may also help delay effects of Alzheimer’s disease and there seems to be some benefit in it’s use for colon cancer prevention. Of course, too much of this can result in severe bleeding disorders. Conversely, something as “un-natural” as plastic (man-made out of non-organic chemicals) presumably can’t be all that good for us – and drinking water out of a plastic bottle which has been heated and re-heated probably taxes our natural purifying systems in both liver and kidneys. Countering this though with exercise/nutritious foods/roughage/consistent sleep and cultivating a mediative practice probably neutralizes some of the damage synthetic exposures cause to our systems. Now, if they’d just create a more shatter-proof glass (glass consisting of totally organic sand-silica particles) we could abandon all our hazardous/difficult to recycle properly plastics. And it’s probably not a bad thing to make room for a little ice cream in our lives too!

  2. longevitypt Says:

    Evan – I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  3. Glenn Says:

    I purchased one of those aluminum refillable bottles, any word if those are also a health risk?

  4. longevitypt Says:

    Glenn – I haven’t heard anything yet. But like someone else pointed out to me – remember as a kid drinking water from the garden hose? So far I haven’t grown a 3rd eye from that either.

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